The Story of “Sunday Nights” —

Sunday Nights is a Bible Study of Calvary Chapel East Anaheim on Sunday Evenings at 6pm. It is the passion of our church to reach our county with the love and truth of Jesus Christ.  There has never been a time in history that we have been better equipped & positioned to bring revival. Jesus is coming back, and we are here to prepare the way for Him by declaring the Word of God and demonstrating His life changing power.  We are not about just going to church service, but coming back to Christ to serve Him!

From Pastor Josh Terada:

In August 2017 at a worship night with my Youth Ministry, God told me that
He planted the seed of revival in my heart. In other words, if I will give
myself to grow what He has given me, it will eventually bud forth to be
seen by all. So, I wrote it on the back of one of those very “pinterest”
felt boards “God planted revival in my heart 8/17”. But, as I began to pray
more about it, God showed that I just saw it in August, but He planted it
in my heart years ago when I was thirteen years old. This is important
because was the year I was baptized, but it was also the year I began to
backslid into addiction to sin. However, it was that time as I gave up on
my relationship with God that I wanted revival for my neighborhood. I
started a blog and began to write about purity and revival, even though I
didn’t want much to do with God. (It was the craziest thing.) As I’ve
talked to God this year, God showed me that He chose to plant the seed of
revival in that time when I had so little faith in God, to prove to me that
when He carries out any exploit of faith through my life, it will be
obvious that it was not because of my faith in God, but His grace to me.
Because He was faithful to me, when I was faithless to Him.
— Read on


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