Brain Injury OVERLOAD – explained

Sensory over stimulation or Flooding occurs after brain injury because the brain’s ‘filters’ no longer work properly. It is an exhaustive situation if more pieces of information or stimuli are received than  the brain can handle. A stimulus is information that we perceive through our senses; see, hear, smell, taste, touch (external stimuli) or through our mind or our body / proprioception (internal stimuli).

In December of 2017, I suffered another tonic-clonic seizure and sustained a mild TBI. I’ve had several concussions over the years as well. I now find myself struggling with many of what one would consider, basic things. This has led me to endless web searches, group chats, etc.. The (Braininjury explanation) website is an absolutely awesome resource that I highly recommend.

If you’re the one with a brain injury, a professional or a caregiver – this is the place for you. Any resource, news or information regarding brain injuries, is there. You can join their secret Facebook group and so much more. I really am thankful that I was introduced to this site, and you will be too.

Click on this direct link to read some great information about “flooding” or sensory overload, as some of us know it as.




Many thanks to Braininjury explanation




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