Simon and Vicki Bridgwood

“There are few people you encounter in life that you would truly call amazing, but David is one of them. At a time just after our 6 month old daughter was diagnosed with epilepsy, my wife and i were in a very dark place and couldn’t find anywhere to turn.
We were referred to David and suddenly, here was someone who actually took valuable time out of his day to explain all the ins and outs of dealing with Epilepsy. We had hope for the first time, as here was someone who had been dealing with Epilepsy for his whole life and had a wonderful, positive attitude.

When we mentioned that our daughter Chloe had nocturnal seizures and we hadn’t slept in months as we were so nervous about missing a seizure, he somehow organized an Emfit Seizure Monitor to be delivered in only a few days. What a relief!!! We had been eyeing this piece of expensive equipment for months but just couldn’t afford it with all the other medical expenses that we had recently incurred.

David, we will forever be in your debt, for coming to the rescue at a time when we really had nowhere else to turn.”

Simon and Vicki Bridgwood
December 2011